Hello Conglom,
I purchased a sink from Lowe’s Home Improvement.  The Lowes SKU is 466797/QK025.  Instructions for the faucet appear to say install the washer, gasket then the retaining ring.  If the sequence they are installed is gasket, washer, retaining ring,  (ie, washer and gasket are reversed) will the faucet any less stable (ie, wobble) when pressure is applied to the base?  After we installed the faucet, it is fairly easy to see movement if it is held at the base and pressure applied.
Please feel free to email or call with your answer.  I have tried several times to contact your Customer Support number (877-333-0098) without success!  This has been a very frustrating experience.
Ken Matthews

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Hello Ken,
I apologize for any troubles you might have had experienced.
To answer your question, the sequence from underneath should be gasket, washer and then retaining ring.  That way you can really torque the retaining ring enabling you to also tighten the bolts if required , additionally the bolts will not break the gasket.
Should you have any other questions please send a message to customer.service@conglom.com
-Customer Service


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