LED bulbs are more energy efficient in the sense that

  1. They emit significantly less heat than an incandescent bulb or a compact fluorescent bulb. LED’s are not supposed to be “cool” at the touch, they will be warm, but a lot less than any “conventional” bulb. The casing (metal housing) is a heat sink. Considering that there are drivers and power control electronics which an electric current runs through, it is normal that heat is generated.
  2. LED bulbs are more energy efficient considering that they require less wattage to produce the same amount of lumens. Refering to an A19 bulb(and as an exemple), instead of using up to 100w to produce a 800 lumen light, LED’s use 17 watts. This means that you need less power to have the same performance and intensity of light.
  3. LED’s have a longer lifespan and thus 1 bulb is as efficient as approximately 20 incandescent bulbs, which again makes it more energy efficient. 

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