: Unfortunately it seems like your cans are not compatible with our retro-fit light kit. Our lights are designed to fit on the vast majority of cans out there; however not all the cans are compatible. Going forward there is a number of ways that you can have them installed anyways. Some customers removed the rubber gasket and had the lights glued to the ceiling with silicon. The idea might sound a little crazy the first time you hear it but it’s not at all a dangerous approach. Given that these lights are LED’s and you won’t be changing the bulbs every 3 months I don’t see why you cannot glue them if you have to. The lights are designed to work 10 – 20 years so with that being said even if you had to take the lights down in let’s say 10 years’ time. It’s not as hard as most people would think to have the lights removed after they’ve been glued.
Again this is one method; another customer was able to customize his can by cutting out ear like holes on the inside. He had them measured correctly to fit with our spring clips and cut the can with regular sheet metal snips. There are a number of ways of getting the lights installed if you really do not want to have them returned. In most cases the lights looks really nice and people don’t want to put the old ones back in.
Unfortunately if you are not comfortable with one of these installation methods in a case of can incompatibility, you have to bring the lights back for a refund.

We hope that this information will help you resolve your issue. Should you have any additional questions, please reach out to us at 1-877-333-0098 or via email to led@conglom.com

Thank you
Luminus Customer Service