SupportCategory: LED LightingHow do I obtain warranty replacment for Luminus PLY2013 buld purchased from costco in spring 2014?
Anonymous asked 6 years ago

I purchased a luminus GU10 buld (ply2013) from costco in April 2014.  I purchased 12 at the same time for a room.  One buld has now failed.  How do I go about replacing this buld under the 4 year warranty? 
Please let me know how I go about replacing this bulb.


1 Answers
Conglom Customer Service Staff answered 6 years ago

In order to obtain a product exchange or a reimbursement, please bring your bulb, along with it’s packaging and receipt to it’s point of sale. You will then be able to receive an exchange (for the same item) or your money back.
For any other question please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our Luminus Customer Service Representative at
Hope this answers your inquiry,
Thank you,
Luminus Customer Service Team


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