SupportCategory: LED LightingHow to get the PAR20 LED bulbs to power off completely
Anonymous asked 6 years ago

The power switch is the dimmable type and the PAR 20 bulbs dim properly. The problem is when I switch to power off the bulbs are still all lit at a very low intensity. My old halogen bulbs were shutting off as expected. What is the issue with the PAR20’s? I bought these at Costco today. How do I get the PAR20’s to shut off?

1 Answers
Conglom Customer Service Staff answered 6 years ago


It appears that your dimmer is not fully compatible with these bulbs. Even when the switch is off, there is a small amount of current going to the lights which is causing them to stay on. LEDs run on very low wattage and are very sensitive to power. It doesn’t take much energy for the diodes to give light.
I would suggest exchanging your dimmer for one of our preferred dimmers, for example the  LUTRON CL.
Hope this answers your question, 

Thank you

-Luminus Customer Service Team


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