SupportCategory: LED LightingWhy does my A19 OMNI LED Light Bulb pulse when dimmed?
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
0 Answers
Conglom Customer Service Staff answered 9 years ago

This is an inherent sign of incompatibility between the light and the dimmer. Some other indicators of incompatibility are buzzing or humming from the light(s) and/or dimmer, as well as flashing or flickering from the light, which can intensify as dimming is increased.
A common mistake is purchasing or using an existing standard dimmer meant for incandescent lights with your new LED bulb(s). An incandescent dimmer demands a much higher load than these new energy saving LEDs can put out, resulting in the previously mentioned problems of operation.
Please consult our list of compatible dimmers for your new Luminus LED installation. If your problem should persist with one of the recommended dimmers from our list, please call customer support so we may troubleshoot further to determine the best possible solution, at 1-877-333-0098.


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