LED Luminus Bulbs, an eco-friendly choice.

By using Luminus LED light bulbs, you are doing your part in helping the environment, bringing down your carbon footprint and enticing others to adopt sustainable energy solutions. Here’s how. Each Luminus LED light bulb has an average life span of 22 years. Considering this fact, here is how you can make an impact:

Less materials used
for the manufacturing
of light bulbs

By using a single LED bulb over the course of 22 years, you are using far less material than multiple incandescent or halogen light bulbs, thus helping cut down the amount or resources needed to light your home. Less waste means a greener planet.

Less packaging

One Luminus LED bulb outlasts 20 conventional bulbs, which translates in more than 20 times less ink and packaging waste.

Transportation from the manufacturer to the store

From the factory to the cargo ship, onto the train to a distribution center and then finally to the store. A lightbulb travels several thousand miles before being placed on a shelf. Using Luminus LED light bulbs limits the ammount of transportation and fuel needed, helping reducing global carbon emissions.

Fuel burned
to go buy the product

A longer lasting light bulb means less frequent trips to the store which can translate into less CO2 emissions and less money spent on gaz!


The savings speak for themselves! Over the course of its lifetime a Luminus LED bulb will often allow you to save over 80$ and up to 285$ per light bulb, helping you lower your electric consumption and lowering your utilities bill.