Pricing and value

Our value proposition is what differentiates Luminus from its competitors. Working closely with suppliers, distributors and retailers, we are in position to create the highest quality products at the lowest possible price, allowing us to offer our customers the best competitive pricing available.

Our warranties

All our Luminus ® products benefit from a warranty protecting them from manufacturing and performance flaws. Our customer service desk is available to answer questions or assist customers by phone and email.

Full array of replacement bulb options

Light bulbs come in all shapes and sizes, and in order to facilitate a smooth transition from incandescent, halogen and CFL bulbs to environmentally friendly LED bulbs, Luminus ® has made sure that our clients have every possible replacement option at their disposal. As an industry leader with a vested interest in greener technologies, it is only natural for Luminus ® to offer the most comprehensive line of LED lighting solutions possible to its customers.

Whether you are looking for a standard, PAR, BR, spotlight, decorative bulb or retrofit kit, Luminus ® has got you covered!

Energy star certified technology

Our light bulbs are tested by an independent third-party Environement Protection Agency (EPA) recognized laboratory, which sends testing results to a second EPA-recognized certification body to determine Energy Star Eligibility. Continuous testing ensures that every Luminus product delivers superior energy efficiency and performance.

By adhering to strict Energy Star policies and cooperating with various Government Energy authorities, Luminus ® ensures that our consumers not only benefit from increased energy savings, but can be confident in the quality and compliance of our products.

Quality control

We have a dedicated method of production and quality control for every item that we manufacture and distribute. Our bulbs go through a rigorous battery of tests in our manufacturing facilities, as well as in government energy efficiency bodies, and are then re-listed upon receipt at our Luminus ® distribution center in Montreal, Canada.

We make sure that all our lighting products meet very strict testing requirements and are free of manufacturing flaws. Great products and great prices, combined with a fair warranty policy and honest business approach is part of the reason Luminus ® LED products have become a popular choice for thousands of clients around the world.

Continuous technological innovation

We believe that innovation, through research and development, is the key to growth, competitiveness, and social well-being. Our current 4th generation of Luminus ® LED light bulbs benefit from increased energy efficiency, and use less materials than previous generations. We are constantly finding new ways of improving our products and passing the benefits onto our customers.

Industry leader

Luminus ® LED products are available at over a thousand points of sale around the world and product availability is constantly growing. By making energy efficient and affordable quality lighting LED products we are continuously seeking ways of improving our products and implementing environmentally friendly best practices. Luminus ® is one of the fastest growing manufacturer and supplier of LED light bulbs, and we have built our reputation on quality and value.